5. Get Tattoo’d

No, we’re not actually suggesting you return from Edinburgh with new ink. The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo is an amazing military show that takes place on the esplanade of Edinburgh Castle. Could the bagpipes sound more stirring than when played by massed bands in the shadow of Edinburgh Castle? We don’t think so…

4. See some Fringe Comedy

Whether it’s up-and-coming comedians on the course for stardom or comedy superstars, there’s an incredible amount of gigs to choose from. And a barrel-load of laughs to be had.

3. Check out the street performers on the Royal Mile


The Royal Mile is an amazing backdrop at any time of year – it’s hard to walk through it without imagining you’re in a film. And during August, when it’s packed with street performers, the Royal Mile is magical – offering strange sights and sounds, much excitement, and a unique Edinburgh experience.

2. Get acquainted with Leith

Originally separate from Edinburgh – it didn’t become part of Scotland’s capital until 1920 – Leith retains its own identity and atmosphere. With brilliant buildings (old and new), buzzing nightlife, and its own fair share of Fringe venues, Leith is truly a must-do.

1. Hang out at The Pleasance Courtyard

There’s nothing quite like an evening spent with friends in the Pleasance Courtyard. This attractive space is surrounded by Fringe venues housed in historic buildings, with the courtyard serving as an al fresco eating and drinking area. Hang around long enough and you’re sure to spot some famous faces. For many, The Pleasance is the best place to capture the excitement of Edinburgh in August.

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