Our 10 Priorities

1. Take responsibility

A guest could ask you virtually anything. Whatever they need, be prepared – and happy – to help. Your job role isn’t just about your department.

2. Know your subject

You’ll want to feel confident in your job – so make sure you know your products and service standards inside out. Get familiar with our standard operating procedures and the mystery guest report. Make it your business to find out.

3. Be enthusiastic

Enthusiasm is infectious. If you’re excited about our hotels, our guests will be too. We hope you’ll love working here. Let the love show.

4. Look immaculate

You’re in a business where appearances matter, and you’re centre stage at all times. So make sure you look great. (Then you’ll feel great, too.)

5. Be positive

If things don’t go to plan, don’t get mad – get positive. Find the upside to the situation (there’s always at least one), and think what you can learn from it. Turn negatives into positives, and you’ll find life becomes much easier. Tell yourself, “I have a positive attitude.” It works wonders.

6. Prepare for service

Remember the basics: be on time, and make sure you have the tools to do the job. Then focus on all the little details that make a big difference.

7. Communicate with each other

When communication stops, problems start. You’re part of a team, where everyone needs each other – so keep talking, know what your team mates are doing, and be ready to help out.

8. Enjoy yourself

This is the most important priority. Our hotels are fantastic places to work, and we want you to enjoy yourself here. When you enjoy, your guests enjoy.

9. Be yourself

You impressed us with your personality and individuality. That’s why we employed you. So make sure everyone keeps seeing those star qualities.

10. Respect yourself and others

Our guests, your colleagues, our suppliers. They’re all part of what makes our hotels great. They all deserve your respect, kindness and consideration. And, while you’re being good to them, respect yourself too.

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