You're vital to our team

Our People

It’s your personality, skills and knowledge that ensure every guest has a wonderful, memorable experience in our hotels. You’re an essential part of our team. You’re the secret of our success.

And when our guests return, they’re looking for more. Something new, even extraordinary. Which is why we’re always evolving and improving, and why we think this is such a rewarding company to work with.

To help us keep providing more than our guests expect, we’ve developed Perfect10n, our 10 priorities. They form a checklist for how we go about our work each day, and show us how to do the simple things extremely well. The clue’s in the name: follow all 10 and you’ll do an amazing job. We hope they’ll become second nature to you – the ‘automatic pilot’ to incredible hospitality.

Our 10 priorities are also the commitments we make to ourselves and our guests. They’re all about doing our best, and enjoying it. They set Mal and HDV apart from other hotel groups. And they’re behind everything you do – your attitude, appearance, knowledge and successes.

As our family grows, we hope you’ll continue to enjoy being part of it, and part of an ambitious team working as one. Our focus will always be on our guests, and the service they receive from us. Exceptional service with a distinctive personality. Remarkable, yet totally relaxed and approachable.

Think of yourself as consistently brilliant.

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