The scene is set. You make your entrance. The outside world seems far away. You're presented with a set of choices - Martini or Mojito, Rioja or Pinot, draft or bottled? Choose wisely. Your crew may follow suit.


The cosy bar at Malmaison Oxford can be found in the grill restaurant and offers seating indoors as well as in the courtyard. Make it your new hideaway. No one will ever know. Whether you're on a big night out, fancy a light lunch or a romantic evening, this is the place to be. By day you'll discover a light and relaxed atmosphere and by night you'll see the energy levels rise and the atmosphere becomes electric. As glasses clink and pacts are made, Malmaison Oxford bar has got you covered.


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Malchemy cocktails



Monday to Thursday - 3pm to 11pm
Friday and Saturday - 1pm to 12am
Sunday - 1pm to 11pm