There’s a change in the weather, and all of a sudden we’re updating our wardrobes with chunky knits, staying indoors with warm drinks and dreaming of a white Christmas. And with a new season comes a new cocktail menu. Say ‘bye-bye’ to fruity vodka concoctions and ‘hello sailor’ to dark, spicy rums.

Our master mixologists have taken their inspiration from each Malmaison its host city, creating a menu of exciting signature cocktails.

The Irish Maid is inspired by Belfast, featuring Bushmills Irish Whiskey and offering a somewhat smoother alternative to a whiskey sour. Perfect for sipping in front of a roaring fire.  


  • Bushmills Irish Whiskey 50ml
  • Lime juice 15ml
  • 3 cucumber slices
  • Sugar syrup 20ml
  • Mint


  • Chill your glass
  • Make a simple sugar syrup by adding equal parts sugar and water into a saucepan and heat until the sugar has dissolved (you can also add some honey)
  • Using a muddler, crush your cucumber slices in your cocktail shaker
  • Add the whiskey, sugar syrup, lime juice and ice into your shaker and mix thoroughly
  • Strain over ice into a chilled glass
  • Garnish with cucumber and mint
  • Enjoy!