Instagram is one of our favourite ways to follow the latest trends – it bought the infamous (and divisive) Espresso & Tonic to our attention, and it can always be relied upon to show you the latest, and greatest – not to mention weirdest – in foodie fashions. Here’s three that are currently piquing our interest…


The eternal debate – is it ever ok to put pineapple on pizza? – has been taken to a new level. The swineapple is an entire pineapple wrapped in bacon and then baked in the oven. Some go one step further, and stuff the pineapple with pulled pork.

A Jerky Twist 

Starbucks seems to be hitting us with a new coffee trend every week, we loved the Unicorn Frappuccino, but the latest addition is a little more questionable. Officially known as ‘Pepper Nitro with a Jerky Twist', it consists of nitro cold-brew made from coffee beans that have been infused with a malted fennel black pepper syrup, topped off with a layer of honey cold foam and then garnished with cracked pink peppercorn and a skewer of grass-fed beef jerky. It’s currently only available at Starbucks’ roastery location in Seattle, and we really hope it stays that way.

The P&T

Finally, we’ve started to hear a lot about port and tonic being the cocktail of the Summer. Fans say that the white port used to make the P&T has a similar level of sweetness to gin, which make it a perfect refreshing drink for Summer. ts not exactly new - it’s long been a favourite in Port’s hometown of Porto, Portugal, have Dust off the bottle from Christmas, add a Fever Tree tonic and it makes a refreshing cocktail for a warm afternoon, so we hear.

Would you try these?