We love coffee. We really love coffee. There’s nothing like a frothy cappuccino to start your day, or a rich espresso to pick you up between meetings, not to mention a cheeky Espresso Martini to kick the night off… the only thing to get the party started.

Then there’s the classic G&T – the perfect refreshment. So satisfying, a timeless classic.

So you can imagine our excitement (admittedly mixed with bewilderment) when we came across the newest coffee craze, Espresso Tonics.

The E&T, as we like to call it, is exactly as it sounds – simply an espresso shot poured over ice with tonic water.

We tried it with our favourite FeverTree Tonic, decanting over ice into a tall glass and then very slowly pouring our freshly made espresso over the top.

And the taste? We think it’s safe to call it the marmite of coffee. Our bar team was split – the coffee purists among them could barely bring themselves to taste it, whilst the more experimental among us thought it was fantastic.

They might be big on Instagram right now, but only time will tell if they are here to stay.

Would you try it?